Digital Marketing Shortcomings of Turkish Brands in the U.S.

For Turkish brands to succeed in the U.S. market, it is crucial to develop their digital marketing strategies. Below, we detail the shortcomings they face and how to address them.

Necessary Actions:

1. Insufficient Understanding of the Local Market and Culture:
– When Turkish brands fail to fully grasp the needs, habits, and cultural differences of American consumers, their marketing messages lose impact and it becomes harder to reach the target audience.

2. Deficiencies in Local SEO and Search Engine Optimization:
– Weak SEO strategies tailored for the American market significantly reduce the visibility of brands in search engines, causing them to miss opportunities to reach potential customers.

3. Inadequate Social Media Strategies:
– Inadequacies in producing and managing effective content on American social media platforms (e.g., Instagram, TikTok, Twitter) prevent brands from having a strong social media presence.

4. Optimization Issues in Digital Advertising Campaigns:
– Insufficient optimization on platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads leads to inefficient use of the advertising budget and failure to achieve desired results.

5. Shortcomings in Influencer Marketing:
– Difficulties in collaborating with influential American influencers or choosing the right influencers limit the opportunity to increase brand awareness and credibility.

6. Website and User Experience:
– Websites not optimized for American users, slow loading times, and complex navigation negatively affect user experience, leading potential customers to abandon the site.

7. Customer Service:
– Failing to provide fast and effective customer service that meets the expectations of American consumers results in customer dissatisfaction and decreased brand loyalty.


1. Market Research and Cultural Consultancy:
– Conducting detailed market research and obtaining cultural consultancy services to better understand the American market and consumer behavior will make marketing messages more effective and help reach the right target audience.

2. Collaborating with Local SEO Experts:
– Working with local experts who understand American SEO dynamics can enhance search engine visibility, making it easier for brands to reach potential customers.

3. Revisiting Social Media Strategies:
– Developing special content strategies for popular social media platforms in the U.S. and producing local content that captures the interest of the target audience will strengthen social media presence.

4. Optimizing Advertising Campaigns:
– Collaborating with local agencies on platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to optimize advertising campaigns will improve conversion rates and make more efficient use of the advertising budget.

5. Influencer Marketing:
– Partnering with popular and trusted influencers in the U.S. to boost brand awareness and credibility will help reach the target audience more effectively.

6. Website Optimization:
– Designing fast, user-friendly, and mobile-compatible websites for American users and making design and content changes to enhance user experience will increase visitor engagement.

7. Enhanced Customer Service:
– Providing fast and effective customer service that meets the expectations of American consumers and obtaining support from local experts in this area will increase customer satisfaction.

By addressing these shortcomings and implementing these recommendations, Turkish brands can establish a stronger digital presence in the U.S. market and gain a competitive edge.

Picture of Yasin Serdar Saglam

Yasin Serdar Saglam

Digital Marketing Manager